Choosing A Certified Kettlebell Course

Exercising under the guidance of a competent kettlebell personal trainer is a great way of including physical exercise in your daily schedule. When you have a trainer who has undergone all the kettlebell level 1 certification, you can learn all about exercising and healthy living and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

However, sometimes it may so happen that despite training assiduously for months, you see little improvement in your condition. Perhaps your trainer is not qualified enough to train you the way you desire. In case you are looking for another trainer, how exactly do you ensure that you don’t repeat the mistake of hiring a trainer who lacks the proper kettlebell qualifications? Here is a list of Fitness Australia,  REPS & NASM accredited kettlebell qualifications: 

Identifying Trainers who are not Competent Enough

Considering the impact a personal trainer has on your health and wellbeing, it is imperative that you do some background checking before hiring just anybody blindly. This will help you to avoid acrimonious situations and disappointments later on.

Trainer Fails To Furnish Certificates on Personal Training Courses

All competent and qualified personal trainers must undergo training at reputable institutions with the proper accreditation from a national or international fitness agency.

The kettlebell certificates are an indication that your trainer has the right knowledge and exposure required to impart physical training to clients. It also indicates that he is aware of all the latest developments in technology and tools pertaining to fitness training.

A trainer thus qualified will put all his knowledge, experience and exposure for you so that you can really enjoy exercising in a safe and correct manner. So never hire trainers who cannot prove his qualifications by furnishing the right certificates of training.

Trainer Fails To Set Specific Deadlines

An amateur trainer who lacks knowledge will never be able to design an appropriate fitness plan for you. He will not be able to identify your weaknesses and offer solutions to overcome them. You are likely to falter midway while training under such a trainer.

This is because kettlebell training courses not only include modules on exercising but also on client assessment and goal-setting. A qualified trainer will first discuss your present fitness condition, your past medical history (if any) and your fitness aspirations. He will try to understand your capabilities and weakness and then design a systematic plan for achieving your goal in a time-bound manner.

Trainer does not Assess your Progress

Another indication of an amateur trainer is lack of periodic assessment. Qualified trainers who have gone for personal training courses are fully aware of the vital importance of regular assessments. He will chart your progress regularly so that you can be sure of reaching your fitness goal within a specific time. This is after all the essence of personal training as you must be able to make definite progress that can be measured and improved upon.

Trainer offers no Assistance on Diet and Nutrition 

Diet and nutrition are the other vital aspects of fitness training. An amateur trainer may just offer some off-hand tips but competent trainers will always provide a structured diet plan that is easy to follow.

As part of their functional fitness courses, they have been taught how to design diet plans for various clients depending on individual specifications. He will also design a rest and activity chart so that you can avoid early burnout and continue exercising in a healthy manner.

Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

Top 5 Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

If you are looking to offer something new to your clients, its time you introduced them to the best kettlebell courses. Kettlebells are here to stay in the fitness industry because of the multifarious benefits they offer.

All you have to do is complete your kettlebell certifications and you can be on your way to a becoming a successful kettlebell instructor which you can do at

Workouts for Beginners

Now that you have done all your kettlebell certifications, you will have to select workout patterns for clients who have never worked with this instrument before. You should learn to choose carefully as kettlebell moves are quite complex and beginners should start with basic simple workouts.

The Kettlebell Deadlift

Begin by holding the kettlebell with both hands and stand with feet placed a little wider than shoulder distance. Keep your back straight and firm and flex your hip muscles. Now push your butt backward as far as possible as you bend at the hips so that your upper body is horizontal with the floor.

Bend both knees slightly and rest your weight on your heels. Now push the butt further backward and upward till your hands reach your knees. Squeeze butt muscles, return to initial position and repeat. This workout targets your hamstrings, back muscles and glutes.

The Kettlebell Swing

This is one of the fundamental kettlebell workouts taught during your kettlebell certifications. Begin by placing the kettlebell on the floor between your feet Lower to a squatting position and grab the kettlebell with both hands, palms facing inward. Stand up, maintaining a straight back.

Now bend the knees slightly, push your butt backward and swing the kettlebell backward between your legs. Next, in another explosive motion, swing the kettlebell frontward and upward till your chest level. The force for the swing should be from the thrust of your legs rather than the pulling action of your arms.

The Kettlebell Squat Thruster

Hold two kettlebells, one in each hand in the rack position. Lift them to chin level while keeping both elbows pointed downward. Now squat with your arms tucked close and in one explosive motion, stand up and drive the kettlebell overhead. Hold position and then lower kettlebell to rack position. The workout targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads and shoulder muscles.

The One-arm High Pull

This is another simple workout ideal for beginners. Start by standing with feet placed shoulder width apart and grip the kettlebell with one hand. Keep the arm straight, bend knees slightly and use your legs to thrust the kettlebell swiftly upward along your body till you reach eye level. The workout targets glutes, lats and biceps.

The One-arm Clean

Stand with feet placed shoulder width apart. Now grip a kettlebell loosely in one hand and position it parallel to your body with the thumb placed forward. Drive through your heels and hips as you pull the instrument up your body till your reach the standing position and the kettlebell is at your shoulder level.

Now rotate the arm so that the equipment is turned from inward to an outward position. The workout targets your lower body, arms and shoulders. With Fitness Australia recognised certifications, you can teach all these kettlebell movements and more

Tips for Quick Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, unless you are an exercise fanatic and you love to build muscle in the gym you will probably find some excuse or the other not to go physical!

You will either put it down to the time factor, or some other activity which you feel will be more important to take care of, leaving no time to exercise.

If this is your problem, maybe hiring a personal trainer will help. A trainer will set up a proper schedule for you and be at hand to help you during each session. You will find the best personal trainer on the website. In the meantime, below are five important reasons why you should start working out today:

  1. Self Esteem: When you exercise your body experiences a rush of endorphins which create an all over good feeling. This in turn boosts your self esteem and you gain in confidence. However, to benefit from this confidence boost, you need to exercise regularly i.e. at least 20 minutes per day.
  2. Setting Goals: Another important benefit from a daily work-out is its positive effect on all your activities. During your workout you have to set goals, and this trait transfers itself to your daily lifestyle where you constantly need to set different goals personally and officially. If you look at very successful people you will see that from an early age they set their goals and by working positively towards such goals, they eventually succeed.
  3. Stress Relief: Working out is a great way to get relief from stress. It can prove a soul-lifting. An early morning walk or run; a bike ride where you can be one with nature; these are sure work-outs that will help to start your day peacefully and calmly. Such early morning exercises will also improve your sleep pattern.
  4. A toned body: A good workout will make your body will become stronger and leaner. A personal trainer can guide you on how to achieve this. Your physical capabilities will then become more effective and you will be able to better tackle any physical jobs that may confront you either on the work place or at home. Read more about toning up on build the muscle Twitter page. Quick weight loss will not happen without determination.
  5. No calorie counting: When you work out on a daily basis you develop natural appetite control. You do not need to dread those extra calories that otherwise would pile up in your body to haunt you. By exercising daily you will be able to enjoy many of your favourite foods, even those you had to avoid eating before. Its easy to lose weight eating less calories. However bingeing is still not advised. Like everything else, moderation should be observed here also.

Do you need any other reasons to be convinced to start working out and start losing weight?

A slim and trim body; no counting calories; a confidence booster; meeting a member the opposite sex; a way to banish stress; building a positive attitude?

If you keep putting the decision off for various reasons, you will be denying yourself a good and healthy lifestyle. So you should either hire a personal trainer who can put you on track, or make a commitment to yourself to make a start today.

Exercise Tips for Stronger Bones

When thinking about corporate fitness you should keep in mind that exercising is a great stress buster, and at the same time it helps you live a healthy life. Your weight reduces, and so do the chances of you suffering from cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and even cholesterol problems. But did you also know that personal training can help you get stronger bones? Well, read on to find out how.

When you exercise, your bones get stimulated. Stimulation leads to increase in your bone mass, which in turn helps in increasing the density, as well as the strength of your bones. Researchers have proven that, humans in their 30’s have their highest bone mass. But after this peak, comes in the decline. So when you hit forty, you should start doing specialized exercises, which will help you strengthen your bones. Strengthening your bone, after you are forty will help prevent osteoporosis to a great extent. It will also reduce your chances of you getting fractures easily.

If you wish to strengthen your bones, then regular exercising is a must for you. You should consider signing up for the corporate fitness personal training classes, as they offer tailor made routines, to suit your needs and requirements. There are number of fitness organizations, which have come up with a special corporate fitness personal training class for people over the age of forty. It is always better to sign up for this one, as you will have people in a similar age group, and facing similar problems. The personal trainer will know that since the age group of the people is forty and above, he needs to give special attention to bone strengthening.

Corporate fitness personal training classes include a number of exercises, which are beneficial for bone strengthening, as well as overall fitness. These include brisk walking, jogging, cycling and even yoga. If you find these to be a tad too boring, you could always incorporate fun dance routines, as well as aerobics in your corporate fitness personal training class. The personal trainer is usually open to suggestions, and will surely use it, if the majority of your group agrees to it.

It is always better to consult your doctor before you start exercising. If you have never exercised in your life, or have lived a sedentary lifestyle, then exercising vigorously will not help. So in the beginning you should take it slow, and then slowly, over time, start increasing the intensity of your exercises. Keep these useful tips in mind, and strengthen your bones with exercising


If you have been contemplating blepharoplasty surgery but are confused about whether it is the right thing for you, maybe reading up about the benefits will help you. It is natural to be confused before going in for any kind of surgery be it a chosen surgery or something you have to go through for medical purposes. There are several pre-conceived notions about getting blepharoplasty surgery in Auckland. Some people believe in the natural process of aging while others would do anything to look younger. However, Auckland cosmetic surgery is not only for those who are advancing age. Read on to know of the benefits of blepharoplasty surgery.

Meant for Young Adults too

It is beneficial to go in for a blepharoplasty surgery even in your thirties. Your late twenties and early thirties are the time when the first signs of aging start showing. A good surgery can help you retain your younger skin for longer. You may not require a complete facelift at a younger age, maybe just a couple of superficial fixes to stop the skin from sagging in areas like the neck. When young adults get these surgeries done, they can retain their youngish features for longer and in the long term it benefits them.

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Better than skin care products

Skin care products and anti-aging creams have their own share of benefits. However, if you already have sagging skin, a blepharoplasty surgery would be more beneficial. Skin care products are beneficial to use as a prevention method. Furthermore, some skin care products can relieve signs of wrinkles and marks on the skin that come due to aging. However, when you stop using them, the effect will show.

After a surgery and proper care, you won’t have to worry about the sagging skin that much. The choice between using skin care products and going in for surgery depends on how far ahead in the aging process you have reached. If you are experiencing major signs of aging, a surgery would be better but if your signs of aging are limited, you could do with skin care products.

Long term Effect

The effect of blepharoplasty surgery is long term. It can last years. If done correctly by a reputed surgeon, you won’t have to worry about age showing on your face at all. This is why it is important to ensure you hire a good and reliable facelift surgeon for the surgery. Talk to more than one surgeon before making a decision so that you get expert opinions on the matter from various people.

More Youthful appearance

Essentially in a surgery, the skin will be pulled back – making the face, lift! The effects are that you will have a better youthful appearance than surface products like skin care creams. However, it all depends on how far ahead in the aging process you have reached. Someone in their thirties won’t have the same skin as someone in their sixties. So maybe someone in their sixties will benefit by having a much more youthful appearance after the surgery.