Benefits of kettlebell training

When the clock shows the time for you to get to your friends, you jump in excitement, even if it means you would have to spend the hour running or exercising. Kettlebell courses training improves more than your health – it gives you an opportunity to spend time with your friends and get in shape all the same. So, why would anyone want to go walking alone when you can drag all your friends and train together?

Below are three proofs that kettlebell qualification training is better than walking:

Firstly, walking is dull. Agreed that it has got many benefits and help you stay fit but walking everyday can get very boring and monotonous. To get the best results, you need to walk for minimum half an hour and with each passing day, it would get more tedious. Eventually, you would want to stop altogether.

However, with a group, exercises are fun. The thing is that working out with friends makes the exercise exciting because you keep each other entertained and comfortable. Laughing your way to a routine or exchanging gossips make your session with your personal trainer enjoyable.

Secondly, blowing off your friends is tough. Quitting once you have started something with your friends isn’t that easy. When you are walking alone, you can skip without having to explain anything to anyone. If you want to bail out then you have no one to answer but yourself. But, when you have friends counting on you, you think twice before skipping any session. They keep you motivated and you return the favor. Kettlebells are a success because people hardly give up.

Some fitness training certifications will teach you how to train with kettlebells corrrectly, but, most won’t!

Last but not the least, competition makes it a game that everyone wants to win. Everyone wants to do better than the others and this adds thrill to the routine. You pick up the group energy and perform the exercises without undermining yourself. If any one of your friends is able to carry out an exercise, you know for sure that it is not impossible which gives you inspiration to work your way through it too.

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Kettlebell training is under the guidance of a personal trainer would get you the required results and help you achieve your goals better than walking alone in the park. No matter how hard the exercise is, you know you are not alone. Your friends are right by your side to support you, to motivate you and to keep you going.