Choosing A Certified Kettlebell Course

Exercising under the guidance of a competent kettlebell personal trainer is a great way of including physical exercise in your daily schedule. When you have a trainer who has undergone all the kettlebell level 1 certification, you can learn all about exercising and healthy living and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

However, sometimes it may so happen that despite training assiduously for months, you see little improvement in your condition. Perhaps your trainer is not qualified enough to train you the way you desire. In case you are looking for another trainer, how exactly do you ensure that you don’t repeat the mistake of hiring a trainer who lacks the proper kettlebell qualifications? Here is a list of Fitness Australia,  REPS & NASM accredited kettlebell qualifications: 

Identifying Trainers who are not Competent Enough

Considering the impact a personal trainer has on your health and wellbeing, it is imperative that you do some background checking before hiring just anybody blindly. This will help you to avoid acrimonious situations and disappointments later on.

Trainer Fails To Furnish Certificates on Personal Training Courses

All competent and qualified personal trainers must undergo training at reputable institutions with proper accreditation from a national or international fitness agency.

The kettlebell certificates are an indication that your trainer has the right knowledge and exposure required to impart physical training to clients. It also indicates that he is aware of all the latest developments in technology and tools pertaining to fitness training.

A trainer thus qualified will put all his knowledge, experience and exposure for you so that you can really enjoy exercising in a safe and correct manner. So never hire trainers who cannot prove his qualifications by furnishing the right certificates of training.

Trainer Fails To Set Specific Deadlines

An amateur trainer who lacks knowledge will never be able to design an appropriate fitness plan for you. He will not be able to identify your weaknesses and offer solutions to overcome them. You are likely to falter midway while training under such a trainer.

This is because kettlebell training courses not only include modules on exercising but also on client assessment and goal-setting. A qualified trainer will first discuss your present fitness condition, your past medical history (if any) and your fitness aspirations. He will try to understand your capabilities and weakness and then design a systematic plan for achieving your goal in a time-bound manner.

Trainer does not Assess your Progress

Another indication of an amateur trainer is lack of periodic assessment. Qualified trainers who have gone for personal training courses are fully aware of the vital importance of regular assessments. He will chart your progress regularly so that you can be sure of reaching your fitness goal within a specific time. This is after all the essence of personal training as you must be able to make definite progress that can be measured and improved upon.

Trainer offers no Assistance on Diet and Nutrition 

Diet and nutrition are the other vital aspects of fitness training. An amateur trainer may just offer some off-hand tips but competent trainers will always provide a structured diet plan that is easy to follow.

As part of their functional fitness courses, they have been taught how to design diet plans for various clients depending on individual specifications. He will also design a rest and activity chart so that you can avoid early burnout and continue exercising in a healthy manner.